• We are the only collision center that guarantees your car won't lose value from our repair.
  • We guarantee our perfection won't cost you more.
  • You get a lifetime guarantee and an honest completion date.
  • Choosing your collision repair is your choice... not the insurer's.
  • If your accident is not your fault, a perfect repair from Price's won't cost you a penny.

Your Right To Choose What You Need To Know

Your Car Won’t Lose Value From Our Repair

Price’s is the only collision company that guarantees your car will not lose value from our repair.  That’s right, we said guarantee.  If you have ever had your car repaired, you know how valuable a guarantee like that can be!  But that’s not all…

You’ve been involved in an accident through no fault of your own. You’re concerned about their insurer steering you to a shop of their choice, and you should be. The safety and value of your car is at stake.


By choosing Price’s Collision, you’ll get just that!!

Price’s Collision Centers works with all insurance companies to get you into a rental car and have your car repaired to its original condition quickly. If you are in an accident, it is YOUR right, not the insurer’s, to choose your repair center. Since we work for you and not the insurer, we can insist on only using original quality parts and the best, perfectly matched, baked on finishes.  Best of all – our perfection won’t cost you one penny more.

If your insurance company is recommending Price’s, then congratulations! You have an insurance company that is concerned for your safety and value of your car.

However, if your insurer is steering you to a body of their choice by saying things like, “We don’t guarantee that shop’s work” or “You could pay more if you choose that shop” or “There may be delays if you don’t use our shop”, then beware!  Do yourself a favor and give us a call. We’ll give you the information you need to make the right decision.  And remember, we are the only collision company that guarantees your car will not lose value from our repair. Why wouldn’t you call us first?

At Price’s, We promise to deliver the highest quality repair in the industry, while providing the maximum levels of customer service. We are dedicated to our customers receiving the best Customer Experience.